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New World Order is the main Italian Web site dealing with the subject of the New World Order. Our objective is to try to find out whether the big occult truth is reality or just pure fantasy. This big occult truth would consist in a conspiracy whose plan is to create a world fascist state, orchestrated by a secret society called "the Illuminati". This group of people is controlled by the thirteen élite families who rule the rest of humanity through a secret society network, and its behaviour permeates the entire world like a cancer. All the main secret societies carefully recruit their own members for the Illuminati and those people then hold positions of power all over the world. They infest all races, ethnic groups, religions and nations; yet the secret division into watertight compartments is so effective that most of the members of these societies do not suspect anything. Only a small minority of people belonging to particular families and to their progeny, starting from the official top levels of the single societies, arrive at the higher level of the Illuminati group. These are the levels into which the secret society invite their privileged initiates, but most of their members (95% at least) are kept in the dark about the existence of these levels, who occupy these positions and what they are doing.

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(from the book Tales from the Time Loop by David Icke)


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